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Social Security

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For most Americans, Social Security is a significant retirement asset. Making the best possible selections related to your Social Security options can mean a material difference in the income it provides to you over the course of your retirement years. Our firm uses software created by the industry leader in Social Security claiming strategies.

 The Purpose of this Social Security Analysis report is to:

  • Offer a high-level introduction to and education about your Social
  • Security retirement benefit options.
  • Help you determine when to begin benefits.

We've provided a great deal of information in this report. Some key highlights are:

  • An introduction to Social Security, explanation of key terms, and an explanation about how your benefits are calculated.
  • An explanation of how your Social Security benefits may be affected if you are eligible for a pension from work not covered by Social Security taxes.
  • An analysis that compares your cumulative Social Security benefits for different starting dates and life expectancies.
  • A retirement needs analysis that compares the cumulative financial needs from your financial portfolio needed to meet your projected expenses.
  • A case study that demonstrates how the choice of Social Security starting date can extend the financial portfolio's longevity, that is, how long until your savings is exhausted.

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Wealth Protection Advisory is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.