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"We Believe that the Best Way to Make Money is to Avoid Losing it in the First Place"®

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Designer 401k+™

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Wealth Protection Advisory is a CPA Team Based Consultant & Financial Planning firm with a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We specialize in Risk Managed Retirement & Small Business Planning Solutions.

Our Boutique firm provides high level personal service and is part of a “Brain Trust” network of industry-leading experts.

We collaborate with a national team of experts to bring our clients the most highly customized and compliant planning solutions that are available today. Whether it is for retirement planning, business exit planning, tax reduction, or growing and protecting your assets, we can help. 

Risk Managed Retirement Solutions

Retirement & Tax Planning

Our approach to retirement and tax planning is a collaborative team approach. We work with your tax professional to maximize your retirement planning. Learn to “Pay Yourself First”, a concept often overlooked by most advisors.  

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Professional Managed Portfolios

 In today's rapidly changing global economy, it is CRITICAL to defend against  the devastating impact large losses can have on the long-term growth of an investment portfolio. Our Approach is to diversify over multiple risk controlled strategies, not just asset classes to help minimize downside risk and avoid devastating losses.

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7% Guaranteed Payment for Life

Fixed Income Annuities with lifetime income riders can grow up to 7% during the buildup phase under the LIBR rider regardless of the ups and downs of the market. Fixed Income Annuities with Lifetime Income Benefit Riders can provide a fixed Payment for life.    

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Tax-Free Retirement Income

Indexed Universal Life can be an alternate or supplemental retirement strategy that can provide a TAX-FREE  income stream. It is a concept that most people and advisors are not very familiar with.

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Social Security

One of the most important decisions you will make in retirement is  how and when to take your Social Security benefits. Social Security accounts for 40 - 60% of most people’s retirement  income. Making the right choices could mean a difference of over $100,000 in a lifetime,

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