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Business Valuation

Why you should have a business valuation

To better understand your business and its potential

During Buy/Sell Agreements with business partners

To plan for the future of your business with a qualified succession plan

When you plan to sell your business

In order to ensure that your business and your family are properly protected

When you plan to buy a business

To know the value of your largest asset in order to properly plan your retirement

When considering funding opportunities

To prepare for taxable events such as gifting or grants

Why do so many owners fail to pursue this critical knowledge? It can be expensive and time-consuming: By one estimate, a standard business valuation can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $30,000.

Our business valuation program uses 143 separate data points and compares your company to over 17 million other businesses in over 30 key areas. Our system is low cost and can be done much quicker than other valuation methods.

What's Your Business Worth?

Let us help you answer this question.

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